About Ben Powell

About Ben Powell

My Name is Ben Powell and I am a retired under achiever,I had 15 jobs before I was 30 years old and was starting to think my future wasn't looking so good and I was embarrassed about the lack of my results. I began to desperately seek out a way to make some something out of my life. In January 2005 I was introduced to Network Marketing and network marketing has changed my life. Instead of being afraid of my future I am excited about it. 

I am very passionate about helping others achieve their goals no matter what company they are with. I want my life and my work and family to mean something If I am not making someones life better then I am wasting my time.

If this is Something you think you would be interested in doing which is changing others lives and in the doing so changing the life of you and your family do not hesitate to call me here at.

(250) 567-0587 Anytime 24/7

  **No Answer leave message all calls returned within 24hrs**