5 Tips To Writing Business Blog Posts

Brainstorm ideas in advance
When we work with clients we arrange a session at the beginning of the month where we plan out a month’s worth of content each with a different blog content style. This could be a “How To Post” “A Questions Clients Ask Post” a “List Post” or a “Definition post”.
Brainstorming ideas allows you to come up with some innovative and fun ways of speaking to your audience and the ability to write posts in one go.

Plan Out Each Blog Before You Start & Select A Keyword Phrase
Planning out what you want to say in your blog allows you to create a structure to work to. This typically could be bullet points of the points you want to cover. Once you have written the text you want below each bullet point you can play around with the content to finalise the structure.
Part of this process should also be to define the keyword or keyword phrase that best summarises your content. You want this word or phrase to feature in your title and in the names of images you use.

Aim For 300-1000 words in length
Blog posts are meant to be quick to read and easy to digest analysis of a particular area of your business. 300 words in the minimum length as any shorter and Google will not read the content.
There is no maximum length but unless you are covering a topic in great detail 1,000 words should be more than enough to ensure you do not lose the interest of your reader.

Always Include An Image
Images are a vital part of digital marketing, they can quickly summarise the content of a blog post and are incredibly shareable on social media.
Create or buy an image (see our social media and copyright post) and make sure you name it in line with your keyword phrase and fill in the other fields when uploading to you website with this in mind.

Link to Any Internal or External References
The days of link building to create artificial Google rankings may be gone but it is still important to link to sources or other useful content on your own website. Do not go crazy but a couple of links per blog post will mean you have created a relevant and well researched piece that integrates with your other content.
Writing business blog posts may be daunting to start with but can be a highly rewarding process from a personal and business perspective.

By Dow Social