How to Woo a Client Back After a Misunderstanding

1. Give your client time to cool off.

No efforts on your part will move the needle until their level of anger or disappointment fades. Within a few months, your client will be in a much better head space to consider you again. But don’t wait too long, as likely, one of your competitors might fill the void.

2. Build a team to restore the account.

First, make sure you have the right account executive for this client. Don’t be afraid to move it to someone who is a stronger leader or has a fresh perspective to offer. Have him or her recruit a team of collaborators across key departments that touch the account. 
Brief everyone on the situation, including your best guess of why the account went away. Make sure they understand why this client is strategic to the company’s success and reputation.

3. Conduct dealstorm meetings.

Assemble the team and have the account executive facilitate a one-hour meeting. Spend the first fifteen minutes discussing the root cause of the breakup. In many cases, it’s not what you think. Employ the Five Why’s technique to get to the bottom of the breakup.
As John Dewey wrote, "A problem well-defined is half solved." Spend the remaining meeting time creating the “first step back in,” including who will first be approached and what the make-up offer will be. Enforce the dealstorming ground rule that “ideas can come from anywhere.”

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How to Woo a Client Back After a Misunderstanding