Proven Method of Improving Your Prospecting

Today we are going to talk about a proven method of helping you reach more people wether it be for selling a book or increasing your prospects into your mlm or affiliate business. Anything you do even if it is a offline business you need leads. Some people call them customers or potential clients,but it all starts as a lead from somewhere ie phone book bulletin boards ect and of course now a days internet websites and networking events such as your local BNI or Chamber of Commerace meetings. The only thing that is going to bring people into your business or buy your product or service is eyeballs and or ears on your presentation If your not giving some kind of presentation your not really making any money or any amount of it anyways would you agree? There is a number of different reasons why some people are better at getting leads than other from inexperience and low skill level or just not knowing what to do in our profession.

Things to Work on Such as Skills

Now the thing that will help you the best to get you results to where your going in your business is to be better skilled in what it takes to receive more leads other than buy leads which are usually some leads that have been given to so many people that the person does not want to be pitched again and again any longer. Now your probably thinking by now how do I do that wether it is building relationships on social media or doing video on periscope. Now just sitting around hoping someone is going to just pop by or just join your opportunity to buy your products or join your team is more likely to not happen than happen to you in the long run and by just sitting there and hoping your going to get better is not going too work either now is it. Your going to have to actively work on getting better on honing your skills to becoming the professional you intend to be.

Practice Make Permanent 

The one most thing people often forget about is practicing wether it is they taken the time to learn or it be through a book or online course your going to have to actively get better by studying it over and over  until you have the information in your subconscious mind and able to recall it in the unconscious competent state of mind. The people that go through with what i am about to share with you will in the end have more sign-ups and customers into there business and sell more product. will you do it I don’t know,but if do and I know most of you won’t and that is how it it is. I can’t change that and can’t force you to do anything you don’t feel like doing. With that being said though anyone that does do as we suggest here will increase their income overtime.

What Your Going to Need to DO

Here is the meat people as this is what we all have to do on a continual consistent basis, Practice making those calls and if your not making them start doing them even if it is only a few to 10 day you will get better and practice that script you have seen in your back office or company handbook. Now the best way to have the best improvement is to either tape your call or even better video yourself making calls and this will help you see where you are making mistakes in your presentation so you can correct things as posture voice tone ect and over time with a good number of practice runs you will be the pro you want to be.

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Ben Powell