Few things you can do to align yourself with the rules to play this game successfully!

Here are just a few things you can do to align yourself with the rules to play this game successfully

1. Be likeable and agreeable. People love to be around likeable and agreeable people.
2. Don't push. If someone is not interested, then keep the doors open for them to join you sometime in the future.
3. Get permission to show someone the business first.  Ask, "Would it be okay if I showed you something that you may like?"
4. Get passionate about our mission. Become a true warrior for kindness and appreciation.
5. Give to give.
6. Love people.
7. Dream big and help others to dream big.
8. Push yourself to do a little more.
9. Get a little competitive.
10. Grow and keep a LONG list.
11. Meet new people every day.
12. Freely compliment others.
13. Stay in touch; place a call, send a card, send a message, etc. regularly so that others know you are still around and that you care.
14. Schedule time to get together with your friends and connections on a regular basis.
15. Get personal with the members of your team.
16. Stop chasing people. Work with the few that are working.
17. Be friendly.
18. Send personal cards daily.
19. Schedule appointments/meetings on your calendar, (phone appointments, in-person appointments, individual and group).
20. Present your business daily.
21. Read your "I am" statements daily. (I have mine on a white board.)

Remember, "The Mountain Doesn't Care". Any excuse you give to not do these things is just a reason why you probably won't get what you want out of the business. When you find yourself rationalizing and coming up with reasons not to do these things say to yourself, "The Mountain Doesn't Care!