#MarketHive the new FaceBook is coming

If MLM is still not working for you, come check out the Alpha Founder promotion at MarketHive. I built this opportunity with you in mind. It is limited, because, frankly, it isn’t MLM. What it is, is a real company and I am offering you Limited Partnerships for a small fee, that promises a residual income for the rest of your life.
What is it? It is the most advanced inbound marketing system (old think: automated marketing) on the planet. It would go for $3000 per month (there are other system similar that do) but the big difference is it is very familiar to Facebook in the way it navigates, looks and feels.
So, MarketHive is the state of the art marketing and social network integrated 100% free. And when we say tools, we mean “real” tolls, like a Blog platform, autoresponder email system, broadcasting platform, capture page technology, unbelievable techy stuff only Thomas Prendergast and Mike Darling are famous for.
It is free, will make you residual income for life, no need to recruit anyone ever, totally without the MLM stigma.
You need to attend one of our webinars and sooner than later because there is a very limited amount of LTD partnerships available #markethive
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The MarketHive doors open next week. Opportunities are available right now but they are going fast!