MarketHive Alpha and Founder Presentation

Imaging  if you had been offered a share in the revenue of the likes Facebook, Twitter, Linked In or YouTube, or for that matter The Warrior Forum or IBOToolbox it would have provided you with a comfortable residual income. MarketHive has been developed over the past couple of years to provide the little man with the power and the tools to match and surpass the leaders in the Industry. For example built in to this free site is an autoresponder which is superior to the likes of Aweber, and Get Response. the blogging system is integrated to the likes of facebook, linked-In and Twitter. the video section links directly into YouTube and the whole system is dynamic.

MarketHive is set up to become your home on the Internet. you can set up marketing campaigns, researching keywords and competitors. Build asset maps to help you visualise you various marketing sites and link.

MarketHive  is great for team leaders in MLM's who can communicate with one another via Company pages or else form their own groups and forums. I have not even touched upon the  lead generation section with customised capture pages which can be added to any site and updated or changed at a click of a button.

To sum up  The individual tools which are part of MarketHive would cost you thousands if you purchased them individually, but these have been designed to work cohesively together, to save duplication of time and effort. The basic system will be given away for free and is expected to quickly surpass IBO Toolbox's 170,000 subscribers

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Ben Powell
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Wishing you a Prosperous 2015