Organo Gold Getting into Single Serving Machine Brews

Why Is OG Getting Into The BrewKup™ Market?

Already established as the industry a leader in single-cup coffee in Network Marketing, Organo Gold turned its attention to creating the perfect cup of coffee brewed with the simplicity and convenience that have made OG famous.
Home brewing machines currently account for over 25% of the ground coffee market. In the U.S. alone, over 16 million households are expected to have a single cup-brewing machine by the end of 2013, with that number projected to jump to over 35 million in the coming years!
It’s safe to say that across the globe, the BrewKup™ is well on its way to becoming the most popular method to enjoy gourmet coffee.
The total number of single brewed cups is expected to surpass 20 billion by end of 2014 (since inception in 1998).
“I believe in the product and I believe in Organo Gold. As the Global Brand Ambassador I am very excited to partner with OG for the launch of the BrewKup™ and will give it my all to help make it a tremendous success.”
Greg Norman