Do you Earn what you are worth

If you are working are you paid what you think you are worth. This may seem like a strange question, however throughout most of my working life I can say I was paid what I was worth with the result that I never complained about being short of money. I was happy and Content.

I met many people who moaned about lack of money and the only advice I could give them was to stop complaining and change job or go and find another way of making money.
I suppose I was lucky and took early retirement at the age of 50, however last year I moved to Cyprus and got married and realised that I needed to boost my income because my pension was not enough to support my family,

So I returned to work as a consultant for someone else, however thing did not work out and I felt that I was not being paid what I was worth so I stopped working

Working for someone else usually has certain advantage such as regular payment which helps pay bills according to ones lifestyle, and the work is usually secure but the big drawback is curtailment of personal freedom as for X number of hours a week your time is not your own.
I am now returning to working online where in the past I have been able to earn an income and which provides flexible hours and I can work on my terms to build a sustainable income to enhance my pension.
Starting an online business can be quite daunting and there are many traps for the unwary, If it sounds to good to be true it usually is.One needs to understand that an online business is no difference to a traditional offline business other that greater use of technology.
Your business needs to sell consumable products, which people are wanting to purchase at a reasonable price, because you need customers. So you need to spend some time researching you opportunity.
Until the next time

David Ogden