BrewKups by Organo Gold - Luxury in your cup

A lot is happening with 5 year old Organo Gold. The first European Convention was held last weekend in Italy. BrewKups (our version of Kcups) was added to the product line. Greg Norman has signed on as the International Ambassador. World Famous Manny Pacquiao has partnered with the company and will be wearing the company paraphernalia during the boxing match in Vegas on April 12th and Organo Gold is expanding its distribution opportunity to the country of Nigeria.

To say I am excited to be with such a cutting edge company would be an understatement. I was looking for a company that I could build globally and had no idea it would be with a coffee company.
When introduced to this company I wanted nothing to do with it because I did not drink coffee. I thank God that a young lady who had made millions of dollars in this industry decided to partner with Organo Gold.

Because of her move and after a long conversation with her I too decided to make the move. One of the best pieces of advice she gave me was "Take off your consumer hat and put on our business hat."

She told me to look around me and notice that even doughnut companies were changing their emphasis to coffee. "Time to make the donuts" now brands themselves as "America Runs on Dunkin."  If you notice, their logo is no longer a doughnut. Instead it is a piping hot cup of coffee. They like many other companies want to get their market share of this very lucrative industry.

Coffee is not a sexy product. You don't have models coming out showing that they lost inches in 10 minutes. It's not a luxury product. No on the contrary it is a daily habit that many refuse to live without. In other words, coffee is a necessity. The beauty of Organo Gold is that were able to make that "habit" healthy.

If you were like me and thought you would never consider coffee as a business opportunity, I encourage you to take a second look. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Take your skeptical hat off. Take your consumer hat off and take a serious look.  Think about people have been trained to "meet for coffee". They take a break in the "coffee break" room.

Even if you are like me and don't drink coffee (I do now! The Mocha is divine) 8 out 10 people do every single day. Surely a few of those people want a healthier alternative.

Join us in Wave 2. New Partnerships, New Countries, and New Products. The only thing missing is you...

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