It is coming New Free Leads platform

 I am sure you have seen the pages scroll by here offering a Free Leads System. Yes the free version is well free, but the professional system (Its an auto responder) is just that an auto responder and it costs $27 per month. Look, I am not out to bash these people, I used to do it with Veretekk, get a free system, but you need to upgrade for all the goods stuff. 

I want my associates in my business to get all the power, tools, leverage and advantages they can get for free, so they can concentrate their precious capital on their primary business.

This is why this new platform we are talking about will have everything in it, all integrated, with advanced marketing tools no one on the Internet has even thought of yet, built to work with all devices like IPhones, IPads, Androids, etc.

No upgrades for a fee either! 100% FREE

All of it for 100% free for ever and ever. Automated Press releases to PRweb.org FREE. A blog cloud SEO powerful system on top PR ranked sites, free! A better email system than Aweber, free, no matter how many email leads you have in your database. Are you getting it yet?

It's coming folks, and it is fully funded, debt free in a state of the art totally green datacenter right here in Wyoming.