Inviting Prospects

Inviting Prospects Properly

Hey everyone I know that it has been like 10 days since I posted it has been a long few weeks this year I have been involved in a very important project that is going to help many of you in your business recruit many more people into whatever business your in.
First what I have been unto I am in the middle of a three country holiday spreading from the sunshine Coast of british Columbia and Las Vegas Nevada and finally onto San Fransico California and Newark NJ and Puerto Plata Dominican Republic. Watch for pictures and posts from those locations throughout February.

Inviting Prospects

Now if you can not get this one your business is doomed. Now if you really want to expand your business in 2014 your going to have to do one of two thing. First you are going to have to practice the skill of Inviting and I am going to explain this in some detail  as there is  8 steps to the invite and if you follow these 8 step and practice it over and over approximately 20-30 times you will get great at it and how do I know this we have been using these 8 steps to build our team of Network Marketing Professionals.

  1. Always be in a hurry.
  2. Always compliment your prospect.
  3. Make the invitation
  4. If I would you
  5. Confirmation 1 If gave this to you when could you watch it.
  6. Confirmation 2 if I call you back you would have seen it for sure.
  7. Second Exposure when I call you back what is the best time and number to call.
  8. Get off the Phone.

Prospect training

Now there is some great free training on this by one of my Mentors and he is great at explaining every step along the way of this. His name is Eric Worre he's a number one trainer on self- improvement
and I recommend you watch the video below it is a long video almost 2hrs but it is some of the best in-depth training you will ever receive as he is a close friend and colleague for 2yrs now.
I also recommend you go to his Network Marketing Pro sit located at and take in the free information he offers.
There is a book available and it is a must read for anyone wanting to take our Profession of Network Marketing serious. The book is call Go Pro-7 Steps to becoming a Network Marketing Professional available on the Network Marketing Pro site. Best training on Inviting Prospects there is. If you like this post feel free to comment and
share it on other social media site.

Ben Powell