Your Self Esteem and Quick Look Into Yourself

Your Self Esteem and Joy!

Your self esteem is like your set of fingerprints - they're on everything you touch: your bank account, your relationships, your health, you name it. It has a direct influence to how we show up in life and the results we're creating - or sabotaging. 

The good news is? You can build yourself self esteem and build self confidence all in one activity. Like any other muscle in the body to make it stronger, You need to practice on it daily and going to work on you will go to work on your business

How about considering this- Do you ever treat your-self like your the most important thing in your life- Top Priority #1? Do you ever cheer yourself on and build yourself up? Do you put yourself last and everyone else first or not at all. 

Quick Check In: Where would you put your current level of Self-Esteem on a scale from 1-10 1 being worst 10 being best.

Now, ask yourself, what's one thing I can do to improve it? Begin doing it immediately! Part of building great self esteem is trusting ourselves and taking action on what our heart or intuition guides us to do. 

This topic is deep and broad and we could literally do a 3 day workshop just on self esteem together. To help you get started on a path to enhancing your self esteem and therefore your results, consider these few insights to support you: 

1.    Trust. Self confidence comes from having a deep sense of trust within ourselves. Do you trust yourself? If no, can you forgive yourself and commit to repairing trust within you? Stephen Covey teaches that the fastest way to build trust with ourselves and others is "to make and keep commitments"...whereas the opposite is also true. Every time we make and break commitments, we erode trust. Tighten up your word with yourself so you feel confident that you're in integrity with the boss - you! 

2.    Self Care. Do you take time to exercise, get good sleep, pray or meditate - or any other activity that helps your physical and emotional well being? Do you make time for you? If not, begin with 15 minutes per day to start investing in you. This simple practice will add up to a big deal. 

3.    Date Yourself. (I loved typing that by the way!) What I call a "Joy List", choose to do at least one thing a week that is just for you - a swim,a game of golf, hiking, cook your favourite dish - whatever brings you joy on any level, free to expensive, that brings you a sense of joy to your life. Ideally you do something daily or multiple times a week, but at least begin with one a week. You are responsible for your happiness - so go create it!

When our BEHAVIOR backs up the BELIEF that we're valuable and deserving, amazing things happen. Affirmations without action are simply "make believe." If your behavior doesn't align with the belief that you're fabulous, worthy, valuable, etc then you'll struggle to really believe it and live it. 


You and Your Definite Purpose

The Definite Purpose

This Entire Article can be summed up in one word Definite. I am amazed at how 95% of the worlds people are drifting through life without the slightest conception whatsoever of what they are fitted to do in life. Any DEFINITE PURPOSE that is deliberately fixed into ones mind is held there with the determination to realize it in one way or another. When you finally have your DEFINITE PURPOSE instilled into your subconscious mind, It will start to influence your physical actions to obtain your Definite Purpose.

The Definite Purpose

Now your Definite Purpose should be selected with great deliberate care and written out and placed where you can see it once per day. It is fact that you want to see and read your DEFINITE PURPOSE once a day so that it is instilled on your subconscious mind and will be accepted as a blueprint that will eventually dominate your activities in life and lead you step by step toward your DEFINITE PURPOSE. The phycology through which you can imprint your definite purpose upon you subconscious is called auto-suggestion, A suggestion you make to yourself over and over. It is like a self hypnosis, But nothing to worry about or fear as long as the objective you are striving for is of a positive nature and will bring happiness and  abundance to all it touches in your life. Make sure your DEFINITE PURPOSE is something  that will not bring harm or hardship to others and brings you peace and prosperity.

The Definite Purpose

There is this friend of mine he cuts lawns all day long and does very welll at it too and when not actually engaged in cutting lawns he is busy maintaining his equipment. He is one of the 95% of people that has no DEFINITE PURPOSE in life. Not that he does not do well or enjoys what he does more than anything else he might do, But because he has never sat down and thought out his definite purpose in life that would bring him greater returns on his efforts he is floating through life as if he was a buoy in the sea we call life. One of the tragedies of this mans work is the fact that he is unconsciously making use of the principle of auto-suggestion, But to his disadvantage. No dought if we were able to take a picture of his thoughts, It would be of rows and rows of un-mowed lawns. This man could get out of the lawn mowing business if he just would sit down with some ambition and plan a vision to use as his definite purpose in life and a more profitable calling. No matter what you are doing in life today if you just took sometime to sit and think about and write down on paper what you want to become in life, you would start to see a change in a matter of months and would be having bigger returns on your efforts of your doings within your DEFINITE PURPOSE.

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In Gratitude 

Ben Powell