Make December Your Best Month

Make December Your Best Month – Brian Roes

There are many who have already decided that December is a month to kick back and take a break from their business.  After all, it’s so busy and no one really has the time to listen, right?  Interestingly enough, I have found that if we have the right mindset December can be our best month of the year.  Brian Roes did a great job of outlining why and how on a call this week.  Here is an outline of some of the takeaways I though were valuable … 
“December is about revealed opportunities for many reasons:  1. parties and events = new people to talk to; 2. people are charging up the credit cards and many will be willing to listen to ideas about how they can make extra income to pay those bills; 3.  people are feeling charitable and are ready to spend money; 4.  poor eating and weight gain due to holidays makes Juice Plus an easy conversation to broach.
Five ways to make December your best month:
1.  Stick to the Basics:  make sure you are prepared by polishing up your story, be friendly and make sure people can relate to what you are saying.  Get events in place for January so you have something to invite them to.  Customer care should be a no-brainer in December.  Call and wish your customers a happy holiday season.  While at parties, share with people all the fun things you’ve been up to (conference, working with your team, success stories).
2.  Use Creative Communication:  send holiday cards to your customers, use Facebook to post pictures of your fun holiday team parties, testimonies from raving fan customers.  Do not be passive, this takes work and planning.
3.  Plan on Being Spontaneous:  this may sound like an oxymoron, but you must make a plan to be alert to opportunities at parties.  Trust your intuition about who to talk to and how much to say.
4.  Have a Clear Vision for January:  plant the seeds in December for what you want to accomplish in January.  Have events scheduled.  People will be ready to focus on getting into shape, losing weight, and becoming more financially secure.
5.  Embrace “Show Time”:  Show Time is the week of Dec 29 – Jan 4.  People are ready to simplify, get their finances in order and get into shape.  Use this week to call those connections you made over the last few weeks.
You have the opportunity to be a blessing to people.  Be a part of helping them create a new mission/vision for their life”.