How To Find The Car That Is Right For You

How To Find The Car That Is Right For You

Even though housing prices have taken a sharp turn up in the last couple of years they are still by far the largest purchase most people will make in their lifetime, however with the prices of the average new car now nearing $30,000 they are definitely the second largest purchase for many. Knowing that this is such an important decision you should not allow yourself to be bullied or rushed into a fast decision like what is done in many car dealerships.

To make sure that you don’t make a mistake and that you buy the best possible vehicle for you and that it will accomplish all that you need it to you should do a little research and some soul searching as well.

The first consideration will be whether you are single or have a family. If you have a family and this will be the primary transportation for taking everyone out and around then you may opt for a minivan. For those soccer moms and baseball dads out there the new dual sliding door minivans offer convenience, plenty of room and decent fuel economy.
If you can’t quite see yourself in a minivan you may decide on a sport utility like the “cowboy Cadillac”, the Chevy Suburban or maybe a Ford Expedition.

If you are a weekend warrior that enjoys going camping and hanging out with friends in the woods or going on weekend surf trips you may decide on the sporty new Nissan Pathfinder. The Pathfinder is designed with the outdoor lover in mind with built in roof racks and storage standard. With any vehicle that you may be considering don’t be talked into 4-wheel drive unless you really need it and intend to use it regularly. A 4-wheel drive transmission adds thousands to the price, is much heavier, and will also cost you more money for insurance and gasoline due to decreased gas mileage.

When deciding on a color although many will say it is a matter of personal preference there are a few guidelines you should follow for particular types of vehicles if you are concerned about resale value. Regardless of the type of vehicle stay away from off the wall colors like purple or yellow unless you plan to keep the vehicle forever. Another color that has been proven to be “cold” for resale in light blue or “ice blue” as it is known in the industry. If you plan to trade every 2-4 years you are far better off choosing a normal color like white, silver, beige, etc. If you are buying a sports car you will not go wrong if you stay with white, red, or black.

For your interior choices you may have the choice of leather or cloth. Unless you are the type of person who will take the time necessary to maintain leather, not to mention the fact that they can be unbearably hot in the summer and unless they are heated they are very cold in the winter.