Summer Days Turning Into Cool Fall Morning

Hey all you wonderful people out there in the Internet world and those on your smart phones, Isn't it amazing how the wonderful days of Summer are turning into Autumn already the hot days of Summer are slowly turning chilly overnight night with the leaves changing color it is shaping up to be a wonderful Fall full of great colors depending on where you reside the colors will differ from here in western Canada in northern Alberta with temperatures still in the mid 20's it is wonderfully hot during the afternoon but with many thunderstorms coming through now and summer coming to a end soon we are getting ready for our first snowfall in a couple of months when all you skiing buffs will be hitting the slopes and the hunters will be out in the woods looking to bag a moose or mule deer and even a thanksgiving turkey for some of you. Was just hanging out and thought to write a little update for you all,  Please feel free to comment and pass it on if you felt this to be useful and thanks again for coming by