3 How to Stop Procrastination Tips

how to stop procrastination tips

Today I am going to share with you 3 how to stop procrastination tips as well as give you an awesome Procrastination Quiz you can take. There is a major issue with being a procrastinator in your life and it can effect your business as well.
About twenty percent of the world are now admitting that they are real life procrastinators. I am sure you been told by your teacher or business coach that you need to stop puting things off to later as this is not the way to good business or getting tasks done on time.
I love this quote that I read from Page 58 in the book The Procrastination Cure by Jeffrey Combs.
” If you are so perfect that you have no one in your life, I have a hot flash for you. Perhaps what you’re doing isn’t getting you rewards. If you have “pennies in your pocket, zero in your bank account, and the creditors calling,” as the great Jim Rohn use to say, then perhaps it’s time to change your philosophy. “

3 How to Stop Procrastination Tips
1. Becoming Aware Of Your Procrastination ~ Understand why you are doing
what you are doing, you must come to a realization that your procrastination is
because of events. You weren’t born to procrastinate get that out of your head

2. Becoming Aware Of Your Self Talk ~ By you becoming aware of how you
speak into the universe your hardships and challenges that is what your
unconscious mind is speaking because it’s familar to you already.

3. Stop Procrastination By Taking Action ~ Taking action will transform your
mind and develop a new daily success habit of positive self talk and activities.
Use a planner for all the activites your going to do and get organized by
planning out your day, appointments, exercise, dinners, play time, travel, clean
up, mediatation, and sleep.

If you would like to grab your own copy of The Procrastination Cure: 7 Steps to Stop Putting Life Off by Jeffery Combs send me a message.