June 16th, 2013

Whenever you need to counter a negative thought about health, wealth or security, you can use an affirmation for abundance. These are statements that can interrupt your original thoughts of need and scarcity and turn them into positive, enthusiastic thoughts and feelings which show gratitude and healthy beliefs. The most effective way to start is to catch your negative projections and flip them around.
Next time you catch yourself in a negative mood, talking about what you wish you had, worrying about money, or telling yourself how tired and bad you feel, just stop and think about how you can use your thoughts, instead, to bring more happiness and abundance into your life. For instance, instead of thinking, 的 hope I can pay the bills this month.Think, it was nice to have the money I had last month, and I am certain I will make even more this month.”
When you do this, you are actually taking some essential steps. Not only are you changing and improving your own attitude about your situation, you are creating optimism, and you are letting the universe know you like and notice the good things that have already come your way and you are ready for more. The universe will answer by sending you what you need. It is that simple.
You can also use positive affirmations for abundance to get rid of limiting beliefs and improve your own self-worth in order to allow more blessings to flow into your life and be accepted by you. You do this by telling yourself forcefully and out loud that you deserve a storehouse of energy, love, money, and other resources. This statement is one that acknowledges your worthiness of these things. You can make it simple, such as, 的 deserve health, wealth, and happiness.Or, it can be more specific, 的 am ready for a great job that brings more money into my life.” These statements change you as much as anything. In fact, the only thing they change is you. They clear away the clouds of self-debasement and dark emotion and open your life up to beauty and opportunity. As you become a healthy, happy vessel, the universe pours its own abundance into you. You gain more than material wealth; you come to possess a vitality and enjoyment of life which makes it worth living. All by changing your thoughts.
Most of us are stuck in thought patterns that do us more harm than good. Even though we don’t realize it, we are actually setting ourselves up to be perpetually in a state of lack, and constantly unhappy and unsatisfied. For some, thinking this way is so innate, they can’t even see how our own thoughts destroy our chances and mire us in our hated situations. When we do finally notice this, our job is to take control and change it. The process takes time, but it is worth it. It is simply about creating good thoughts on purpose, catching negative beliefs before you identify with them, and learning to love yourself appropriately. Everyone will be successful, but not everyone will be able to do it right away, and not every day will be easy. Just like any type of self-improvement, learning to think in terms of abundance will take practice and dedication.
The rewards are big, however. Thinking positive attracts positive. It is the only way to get what you want and truly be happy. You can use affirmations to create overflowing blessings and resources and to wash away beliefs that are keeping you in a state of want, simply by telling yourself that you deserve good things, you are grateful for them, and more are coming your way. As you change your thoughts, you change yourself, and you naturally gain a new life along the way; the life you have always wanted.
There are many statements, or affirmations for abundance. Anything which denies scarcity in the world or the universe, and acknowledges wealth and excess is an affirmation for abundance. You can use them to bring general blessings into your life, or use them to create overflow in a certain area. No matter which you choose, positive statements help you feel good about yourself and the universe, cultivate gratitude, and bring more happiness into your being. They are powerful ways to make what you want come to you, and they really do work.
Every time you choose not to think a negative statement, and, instead tell yourself something positive, you are doing amazing work. You are clearing away limiting beliefs and building an attitude of success and self-love. This will ultimately lead you to whatever it is you are seeking, and teach you to reach out for the goodness and energy life has to offer.
Affirmations scripts
There are thousands of great statements for abundance. Whether it is wealth, health, happiness, or love, you can bring it into your life by thinking it in an affirming way.
Affirmations for abundant money
  • “My income is constantly increasing
  • “I know I am going to have plenty of money
  • “I create wealth and use my money wisely”
  • “I can pay my bills because there is plenty of money coming my way.”
  • “I am looking forward to a better paying job in my near future”
  • “Everything I touch returns riches to me.”
  • “I have a lot to offer any employer or business.”
  • “Wealth is pouring into my life.”
  • “Great opportunities are headed my way and I am going to make the most of them.”
  • “I make more money every week.”
  • “I spend my money wisely so I always have some to enjoy.”
  • “I love my job and I am grateful for it. I look forward to making more money there soon.”
  • “I deserve a raise.”
Affirmations for abundant health and energy
  • “I feel good and have plenty of energy.”
  • “I can overcome illness because I have a strong immune system and a positive attitude.”
  • “I am getting healthier and stronger everyday.”
  • “My energy is unending. I can do whatever I set my mind to.”
  • “I have all the energy I need to meet my goals.”
  • “I eat healthy foods because they make me feel good and give me strength and vitality.”
  • “My health is always renewed and comes from an endless source.”
  • “My energy is not limited.”
  • “I feel more invigorated everyday.”
  • “I drink plenty of water, and that gives me mental and physical energy to spare.”
Affirmations for abundant happiness:
  • “I am happy no matter what.”
  • “I deserve happiness and gladly accept it.”
  • “There is so much contentment and opportunity for joy in the world.”
  • “I feel happier each day.”
  • “I accept my life and am grateful for it.”
  • “I am happy with myself and have no regrets.”
  • “Happiness is within me each moment, and I create it and accept it freely.”
  • “I choose joy and live with unfettered enthusiasm.”
  • “So much beauty awaits me each day.”
  • “No matter what stage of life I am in, I can always feel young and renewed because I am happy.”
Affirmations for abundance in love:
  • “I deserve love and choose to give it and receive it openly.”
  • “The universe is made of love and so am I.”
  • “I choose love in all I do.”
  • “Love is available at any time.”
  • “I feel loved no matter what.”
  • “I love myself and am grateful to be alive.”
  • “I forgive myself for my past and look lovingly toward the future.”
  • “I create love and I am love.”
  • “I have plenty of love to give, and I am not afraid to receive it.”
These are just a few examples of the many affirmations for abundance which can help open your heart and change your life. You can have all that you want and more, but only if you believe you deserve it and start to attract it and manifest in right now. Don’t let another negative thought get you down. Use these affirmations now, or start to make your own.