Work With Ben Powell is Changing

Our Blog Has Changed

Hello Everyone

with all the new traffic we have been receiving and the feed back as well I have found it necessary to change things up a bit on our blog. As you can see we have added google plus on the left column which also was added from the one one column on the right side of the page previously. now there is something else new we will be asking you our readers if you would like us to post your add on our page here and we will be also offering our readers the ability to have us post one of their post on anything they are writing about. 

The last thing we are changing for now is we will be posting a information video on the right side of the blog 3x or more a week. I look forward to your input as your success is our main goal here and if you have any Questions feel free to contact me anytime Via the contact page on top of the blog for advertising and banner placement and postings.

With Attitude of Gratitude

Ben (The Card Dealer) Powell