Winter and The Coming of Spring Warm Days

Winter and The Coming of Spring

I was in Vanderhoof BC and it was first week of March this year and while there the weather was much like Spring and Winter was well on it's way out with warm days and chilly nights I was enjoying the walks in the park and my jog in the morning was not so bad on the lungs. With 3ft of snow to melt it was going to take a long few weeks to month or more to melt it all away which is just fine.

Then I had to leave and travel back to St.Albert and wouldn't you know it over the next 10dys we had not just 1 but 3 Alberta clippers come through and dump another 2ft of snow bring it back up to about 4ft on the ground after all the warm days we had in BC and AB many were hoping for a early Spring thinking that march was coming in like a lion and going to go out like a lamb which it did in some ways.

Now here we are on the first day of April and the warm days are back but who knows we live in the north and winter can hang around till late may some years. here is some photos to look at of the area in BC.
The Frozen Nechako In Vanderhoof BC

Looking out over river to the North
Tyler & Dad

Looking out over River

Tyler throwing rocks out on to the Nechako
Tyler still throwing rocks
The frozen Nechako