2013 The Winter That will Not Die

Spring Days Not in Sight 

With words like that many warm weather enthusiasts may want to throw me to the lions.
Here in central Alberta just north of Edmonton we have have our fair share of winter days this season the calendar may say April 12, but we yet another Spring Snow storm on it's way tonight with up to another 10-20cm or 4-8inches expected over the next 48hrs that has many of us where is our spring with the snow melting down and then piling back up surely putting strains on snow removal budgets pushing back the plans for a early game of catch down at the local softball field.

Spring Days Not In Sight

Was out for a walk with the little wiggle butt today that is the nick name we gave our little Maltese Terrier we have such a sweet little animal that we saved from a Puppy farm a few years back but that is another story. On our walk today it was just about hard to believe we are going to have another wintery blustery day tomorrow, the sun was shining and the birds were out singing only to be hushed with grasp of another Spring storm coming in the overnight hours to make the weekend commute for those working over the weekend. It was just a gorgeous day even though it is about 10c below the norm for this time of year.

Spring days Not In sight

Sitting in my office as i write this listening to the cars outside going through puddles on the roadway only to be replaced by sand trucks in the morning hours. On the bright side it is going to be around 0c so the snow may turn to rain or snow rain mix in some areas let's just keep our fingers crossed and pray that it misses us all together wouldn't that be sweet even 5-10km south would be okay with me as I need not go into the big city I can shop here in St.Albert.

The weather is going to be warming up to a balmy 3-6c over the next few days so it the snow that is will not be around long and the good news is this wet snow on top of the icey snow already left on the ground will help it melt away.

On the brighter side all this snow has made the local mountain great for skiing even though i live 4hrs away that is local not like when I live in BC where the snow pack is very thick as well making it high Danger for all the sledders and ski enthusiasts.

In ending this post I say drive slow and watch the other drivers out there and spring will be short this year and lets hope we have a extended summer season to enjoy all the things we love to do here in The Great White North they call Canada.