Sequence to Success

The Seven Steps Through Success

1. Confidence

The fact is that if you do not believe you can do something and deserve wealth and prosperity the chances are you will never have it or once you do attain it you will just let it slip right through your fingers as you do not believe you deserve it from within yourself and do not believe you have reached it. That is why so many people that win the lottery and I mean the big winners here not smaller amounts under let's say 1,000,000 will just have there riches disappear over time they just can't believe the have finally reached wealth and prosperity. Now let's take some athletes they come into big contracts and at the end of the contract season they are dead broke or in some cases worse of than when they first signed the contract. Hence they were not conditioned, or confident enough to believe they had the confidence  to believe they had reached success and prosperity in their lives. So until, you work on the confidence factor in your life nothing else is going to matter, But for those few that stand up to the plate and say I am ready to have high belief in myself and I deserve success and wealth is when they will start to see change in their lives for the good. Now with this new confidence you will have you will be able to achieve new greater height in anything and all you do want in life. 

2. Plan :

The next thing you will need is a plan that's right a well thought out plan or goal setting formula for whatever it is you desire to have or achieve in life. Think of it like this if you don't know what Wealth and Prosperity look like then how will you know when you are hitting it in your life, the thing is you won't unless you plan. Now it is like a hunter or marksman that shoots their gun in the air at nothing hoping to hit something, Wrong they will need to be shooting for a target or goal to see there achievements. When you finally know what you are targeting and what goals have been put in place this brings us too the third thing you will need.

3. Strategy or Action Plan :

A blueprint for say is what you will need to think out in the forehand building your step by step blueprint of all the actions that will be needed to reach the targets, or you will just end up being lost like most others out there just shooting in the air hoping to hit the big enchilada and remember that everything in your strategy is subject to change and update at anytime it may need to be adjusted from time to time as you move forward on a continuous basis. Which leads us into the next step of the Sequence to Success.

4. Action :

Now if you are not willing to get up off your butt and put forth Persistent Continuous Aggressive Action toward obtaining your targets, then once again you will not probably ever see wealth or prosperity in your life.You can have the highest in confidence and have an awesome plan and strategy, but if your not willing to do the work and have action you won't see the fruits of the harvest. So you must on a daily basis have a set of rules in place to put your plan of attack into action through persistent continuous action to move forward and achieve your targets in a timely manner. Once your willing to do all the things needed to move forward only then you will start to see the targets fall and become the champion in your life you so much deserve. Now onto the next step yes there is more.

5. Duplicate :

Now the next thing you will have to practice over and over yes that is right all these steps will need to be practiced over and over again until you have them down pat and can do them on a unconscious conscious level which means at the point they are in your subconscious and you do them loyally every day week and month to bring in what you desire. duplication of yourself if what is needed next as you can only do so much by yourself. The leaders and wealthy people in our lives know very well that we teach working your strengths and hiring your weaknesses in all aspects of life not just business if this is all you take from this blog post then you are way ahead of many others. So you will have to duplicate yourself so you can grow to new levels in your company or personal life. okay only two more steps to go great for you if you have read this far it shows you mean business when it comes to having wealth and prosperity in your life.

6. Residuals :

I am sure many if not all of you are looking to have residuals of some sort or another in your life so you can do those things you only dream of like long vacations spending more time with family or just sitting in your yard. Many of you only have been dreaming of residuals where many of you are already very aware of doing something one time and getting paid to do it over and over again, that is what some of the wealthiest people in the world have been doing for many decades now. By teaching there people within their organizations how to do this over and over and continually building and duplicating the residuals will continue to increase on a steady basis.

7. Helping Others :

Now by helping enough people get what they want you will in the end get what you want. I am sure you have heard of that before and it is so true and when you help enough others you will have wealth and Prosperity over time just do not give up.

In Closing to Sum it up

Now residual income is the best thing Canada and The United States have to offer us in the way of financial freedom over time. It's something the rest of the world needs but do not know it and are begging for it. The easiest way to explain this is as follows, let's say I am going to give you $1000 cash and you want a new patio set for the yard. 90% of people would go out by a patio set for around let's say $1500 and go in debt for the other $500 and then there is the top 9% who would go buy a patio set for about $1000 or less and live debt free and now there is the other 1% the millionaires what they would do is like myself they understand residual income.

Now myself I love to chew gum all the time whenever I can wherever I can, so I go buy a Bubble gum machine you know the ones they are in malls everywhere the red tall ones the kids always want to put your money in when your at the mall. One of those cost roughly about $750 and I would take the other $250 and buy bulk bubble gum for a penny a piece fill the machine and put it in the mall. Now the children are going to pay 25 cents for each of those gum, hence trading pennies for quarters over and over again. I will make well over my $1000 in pure profit in just one year then I go out by my patio set and be debt free. Now that 1% the millionaires understand this one thing residual income and they still have the machine are debt free and have a new patio set and are still making money over and over and over.

Will You Do it

It is all about setting yourself up to have  the courage to get started and have the courage not to quit and will have something great inside you to continue on making yourself and others wealthy over time, so just keep on going and never throw in the towel and you will be truly only 3 feet from gold. So from this moment forward be confident and plan and have strategies put in place, take massive action toward your targets, duplicate and help others you will have what you want wealth and prosperity.

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