Lesson Two Self-Confidence

Now what I am about to share with you is the second lesson of the 15 lessons that will be touched upon over the next couple of months, This is the lesson following Definite Purpose.
You may as well stop reading now if you do not think the principles within this article have not been tried and tested over many years going back to the beginning of the 20th century by people such as Henry Ford, Napoleon Hill and many others. However, when we have unlocked the door that leads to the power which is stored up within us it will bring us knowledge that will make all past discoveries seem like so little in comparison.

Thought is the most highly organized form of energy known to man and we already know that fear can be sent on it's way with repetition doing something in the positive over and over, then the person will have that fear defeated and then this is the start of the Self-Confidence in ones self. Now when Self-Confidence is developed and used it continues to build on a regular basis, although if not used and built upon on a regular basis it will all but have disappeared in no time at all. Now the human mind can be compared to an electric battery in the sense it may be positive or it may be negative. Self-Confidence is the quality of which the mind is recharged and made positive.