15 Laws Of success Part 1

Laws Of Success

Hey everyone Just want you all to be aware of the next big thing we are going to be doing here on our Blog, Over the next 5 weeks we are going to be writing on the 15 laws of success one every other day or so. So please check back and watch for new posts on the following topics.

  1. Lesson One: A Definite Purpose.
  2. Lesson Two: Self-Confidence.
  3. Lesson Three:Initiative & Leadership.
  4. Lesson Four : Imagination.
  5. Lesson Five : Action.
  6. Lesson Six : Enthusiasm.
  7. Lesson Seven :Self-Control
  8. Lesson Eight :The Habit of Performing More Service Than paid For.
  9. lesson Nine: Attractive personality
  10. Lesson Ten: Accurate Thought.
  11. Lesson Elenen: Concentration.
  12. Lesson Twelve: Tolerance.
  13. Lesson Thirteen: Failure.
  14. Lesson Fourteen: Co-operation
  15. Lesson Fifteen: The Golden Rule.