Gratitude and Doing Unexpected Acts of Kindness

I write this post as most of us depending on our beliefs are about to be right smack dab in the middle of another holiday season and I am writing on Gratitude and Act of Kindness now there are many ways to do this and your acts of kindness may differ from mine and I respect you for that. As for me today I did a few things, first thing I did was called up 20 business owners in my area and said Merry Xmas now remember these people did not know me and some I never been to there shops, But I will over time need their services and shop with them . Now the second thing I did for someone today was at the shopping centre I seen a lady having some difficulty backing out of a parking stall it was busy and I am sure she was worried about others in the way. So I guided her back safely so she could continue on her way.

Gratitude and Doing Unexpected Acts of Kindness

The next Paragraph is going to about a visit I did to a local seniors home where I was giving out xmas cards to people just because I want to for no real reason accept to se them smile in gratitude. Now it is a secure complex I did have to ask to be let in by the nursing station and explain what I wanted to to and why and was given permission to continue. I was approaching people saying hello introducing myself as a local business owner  stopping by to to give out cards to anyone who would like one as a unexpected act of kindness it was all going well had met some nice people and gave out about 20 cards.Then as I was writing out a card to someone a man came up and asked who i was and what I was doing, So I kindly explained what I was doing if he could not tell already and I explained I had asked and was given permission to do what I was doing. Now he made some good points I had a coat and hat on in the dinner room and I suppose my manners should have been better and taken them off which I did immediately and this did not help though as he totally ruined the moment for everyone around. So I left the dining hall and went to reception and let them know I was leaving because a few residents were upset I was giving out cards without going through the weekday admin office and blah blah blah. Hence even when your doing a act of kindness people can always ruin the moment with there arrogance and he asked me to listen to him as he explained  himself I assured him no offence was taken wished him a Merry Xmas and was on my way to the next seniors home. I even gave him a business card to give to way admin for his complaint. Wish him the best of luck.

Gratitude and Doing Unexpected Acts of Kindness

In closing I would just like to say everyone has seemed to forget what it is like to have someone be grateful for just having them in there lives, Nobody really talks to one another on the street anymore if you do they look at you like you are going attack or are a weirdo of some sort. Now I do not let people bother me with there silly feelings about it because more people appreciate my kind jesters than repel me. It makes me feel great doing things for people and asking nothing in return and I will continue to do as many kind deeds daily as possible to put smiles on those that may not be at the moment. This is why I have a greeting card and gifting business, Just can't stop having the attitude of Gratitude. 

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