Typical Work Day 

My day usually starts about 4:30am or 5:00am in the morning checking email and getting back to any requests for more information on working with Me and my team. Then I exercise 20 minutes and have a short walk before shower and breakfast, at this point I am ready to dig in and really get down and busy I will log in to my Company account see if there is any Birthdays or Anniversaries  for the day and there usually is a few and then at that point I am ready to design a card for each of them inside my SendOutCards Account where I have full control on what kind of card they receive. There is over 17,000 pre made cards that are just beautiful, But I usually will make one from a blank card adding pictures and then finding a verse to add or even write one just for them.

By this time of the day it is about 7am and I am ready to start making calls for the day on a busy day I will call either about 50 business professional or make  about 100-150 cold calls using leads. This has been a long road getting to this point that is for sure many hours in online training calls and coaching calls and even Chamber of commerce meetings for speed networking. Now I do not work all day usually till around noon then a lunch break and any errands I may need to do. The best part is checking to see if anyone has sent me any cards or post cards to thank me for any thing if not thats okay to because It is not all about me right I enjoy making cards and sending gifts oh yes I send gifts to but will save that for another post.

Typical Work Afternoon

I will have been busy up to this point now I will go and do any presentations I have scheduled it depends on the day how many I have although 2-5 is a normal number for me now this could include any 3 way calls with other team members as well. Now presentations are are done only with people that make appointments ore have requested more information on making and sending cards on there own. I find many members of the general public like making there own cards and choosing there own gifts, so i will set them up with a 15 min presentation on how they can do it and this will come with a gift account to send out 3 cards on us St.Albert Cards & gifts, if they like it and they usually do they can upgrade to a live account. Now for business owners it is pretty much the same process after my cold visit or call the interested business owner will have a chance to have a presentation or a 3 way call with one of my business partners  maybe even another business already involved with us we have a few businesses that started out as customers and other people in there circle of trust liked the cards they were receiving and requested information and this is where they send them to us and our customer base grows, But if they become a partner there customer base grows. More on this in the future, now this usually takes up until 5pm or 6pm.

Typical Work Evening 

I know most of you have family and friends and probably do not work into the evening after a long day, But being a Network Marketing Professional it takes sometimes years of dedication and long hours to achieve the Dream Lifestyle we all want like living and working from the beaches of the world or fishing the rivers and streams of the world how sweet is that hey. Well that is all possible with the four year career. Well the evening session is not to long for me anymore usually 10pm or 11pm making more calls and call backs and making appointments. It all comes together in time as you work your business on a consistent basis it will grow and somedays get so hectic it drives me into overdrive thinking about the possibility of working from anywhere in the world on any hotel balcony or beach house veranda of my choosing.

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thanks for reading come back soon ya hear.

In Gratitude

Ben E Powell
The Card Dealer