Small Scale Composting

 Small Scale Composting -For City Home Owners 

 Today were going to talk about Small Scale Composting for home owners in the city and suburbs where many home owners to are trying to do there part in recycling household wast to cut costs on the garbage pick-up cost. many towns and cities alike have waste containers and garbage containers but there is a cost to pick it up , But there is a alternative to having the city pick it up you can have your own recycling refuse container and use the produced soil in your gardens to help with the balancing of the natural nutrients need for healthy plants ,shrubs and vegetables.There is many kinds on the market today to choose from and even there is many styles of homemade ones as well 

Small Scale Composting Containers 

 Now as for what containers you buy will depend on how big your family or household is as it takes time for the enzymes to do there work you can speed things along with adding some red wrigglers a kind of worm used for composting, but regular everyday garden variety works well too. Many garden shops and home centres will have containers you can buy and even if you go online these day you can just look for them there as well. One thing is for sure you will need it to have a cover to keep birds and small animals out of it and making a mess around your yard and even if you use a piece of plywood or even chicken wire so that when it rains it is being kept moist as you will have to add water to help it along. There is going to be a few things you will need to do as well like turn it over add a little top soil and keep it moist. sometimes it is better to have two or even three containers on the go as you can keep on rotating the ones that are ready to be used over the year. It will depend on wich climate your in as how many and how often you are able to use your competed material. 

 Small Scale Composting and general guidelines

 Now many people will usually use a ice-cream bucket or old coffee can or something similar to collect the wast from inside your home.Thing you can use are any vegetable waste and any other organics, But stay away from rotting meats as this will attract cats,dogs and rodent to your yard or garden these can be used if kept in a air tight container and kept moist or cover but best to just stay away from using meats. Any outdoors leaves ,grass clipping and foliage can be added just remember to keep it moist and turn it over and over. Using these general guidelines for Small Scale Composting you will be well on your way to a healthy garden If you like this post please comment above and post