Quick Email Marketing Tips

Quick Email Marketing Tips To Increase Your Email Open Rates

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quick email marketing tips
OK.. so you’re getting traffic, the leads are coming in, you’re sending emails with valuable content to build rapport and EVERYONE is opening your emails..
WHAT!?.. they’re NOT?!?
Relax.. obviously I’m joking – that’s how it’s suppose to be, but how can we increase the amount of people opening our emails? That’s the question I’m gonna try to answer in this post with these quick tips..
Bur First… What’s A Good Open Rate?

I thought about this for a very long time and I finally got an answer – and like most answers to a VAGUE question… it wasn’t really sexy, cool or precise. Basically what I found out is that open rates will vary from business to business and from market to market.
Added to that, the way YOU measure open rates may not be the same way I measure open rates, and the size of the list matters a lot too, because of the fact that the list owner is not able to cater to everyone’s needs.
Now, with all of that said – if you’re still anxiously waiting for a REAL number, and threatened to kill cute little kittens if I didn’t give it to you… here it is: From my research the average open rate for Direct Response Campaigns are 25-30%.. –
..why so low?
Well, because they’re direct response campaigns. There’s no brand building, no content shared, no relationship or rapport established before the email being generated. This kinda makes me feel really good that I’m taking a different approach to building an online business ( you should too).
You see, because we’re building our personal brand, sharing value with our market, and creating relationships, we’re generating much more quality leads and our open rates will be (..or should be) significantly higher.I know mine are, but if you need some help…
Here Are Three Tips To Getting Higher Open Rates
Tip #1 – The Subject Line - This is the most important aspect of getting your emails opened, this is what they see (..and hopefully read) before deciding to open your email. Make sure you spark some interest in your subject line. Make them curious of what’s on the other side. It’s worked for me, I’m sure it’ll work for you..
Tip #2 – Timing - Second most important aspect is timing. The best advice I can give you is to test sending email at different times a day to see which time gives you the best response. Try these times:
  • 7am – People check their email before they get to work
  • 12pm – Some people check their email while at lunch
  • 3pm – I don’t know why I put 3.. umm, some people take lunch late?
  • 6pm – People are getting home from work
  • 9pm – People check their email before going to bed..
Tip #3 – Your Content – Make sure your content doesn’t suck (…and I know it doesn’t because my readers have the best stuff out there) But what I’m getting at is that your overall message needs to speak to them, it needs to solve a problem that their having, or it needs to help them in some way.
When they come to expect that, because your content is always so good – open your emails will be easy.
Any Other Tips You’d Like To Add To The Community?
I’ve personally visited every single one of my readers blogs so I know you’re all building your lists ;0) …so if there’s something that’s working for you to get higher open rates, please share it with the rest of us in the comment section so we can all benefit from it.
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All the best,
Hector The Alexa Director