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Just One Clear And Very Simple Mission

We thoroughly research, test, and pass along unconventional high-yielding investment ideas, passive-income opportunities, cash-flow strategies, and wealth generation programs across the globe.

Imagine having a constantly updated "rolodex" of some of the best money-deals around.

What if you had a team of "investment investigators" who made it their quest to find things for you that mainstream media (CNBC, Wall Street Journal, etc.) or institutional thinking (brokers, bureaucrats, etc.) can't?

When you become a Wealth Vault inner-circle member, that's exactly what you'll get — an ever-growing smorgasbord of personal contacts, private vendors, and coveted programs that specialize in making, growing, and keeping money.

For a "taste" of what we're talking about, just consider a small — very small — selection of content we've over the past few months in the members' area:

Private Program #2 — added April 1st

PP2 is a very discreet due-diligence company who screens, verifies, and monitors traders who consistently achieve triple-digit, non-compounded annual returns (i. e. at least 100% per year). They recommend approved traders and their institutional-grade signal services to their clients, which can be auto-traded for hands-free passive income (just the way we like it).

Some of PP2's traders have over 25 years of trading experience and are considered to be the world's best of the best.

There are currently 12 individual automated trading services available, and one of them had a return of over 300% non-compounded in 2009.

$150,000 in Corporate Credit — added Mar 18th

One of our long-standing contacts — a veteran financial services rep for over 20 years — told us how just about anyone is able to get a minimum of $150,000 in corporate credit within 12 weeks guaranteed... and, you don't even need to own a business or have good credit. In fact, some recent clients currently have bad credit, and even bankruptcies. The company that provides this service was founded by two former Fortune 500 bank executives with over 24 years of experience. One of the best parts is that the terms are very favorable: only 7-9% annually (you can pay interest only for 15 years). Your monthly payments are less than 1% of the principal balance, and your credit can be used for just about anything. You can use these funds to grow your money with some of the verified Institutional-grade investment services listed with the Wealth Vault.