Building Relationships with Others

Relationships: Enjoy loving relationships that help you grow
Relationships Must Be Capable of Helping you grow
One of the basic instincts of human beings after food, water and shelter is to grow relationships. Man is said to have social character. He is said to be a social creature because he always has an instinct to stay with other people, socialize and make relations.
Even today when man has evolved a lot from what he was long ago, even in this time of industrial growth, man finds time and interest to make relationships. The character of a man is determined by the kind of relationships that he keeps.
It is always important that we select relationships that will help us grow and develop ourselves. N simple terms, you should keep good company. If you fall into relationships with the wrong guys, then they will slowly poison your attitudes and personality and slowly you will start to be one among them. On the other hand if you make your relationships with people who are capable of making you grow, you will have the good results of your relationship soon.